In our unit of work on the Middle Ages, we have been using Mosaics to show a picture that represents something to do with our Middle Ages work.
I have made a Mosaic of the dress I would be wearing in the Middle Ages if the Queen came to visit. I looked at a picture of a dress from the Middle Ages and tried to copy it onto a mosaic as best I could.
Here is my finished mosaic.


Plan View Maps (:

In History we have been learning about different types of maps. We were shown a satellite image on google earth of The Gold Coast. We were told to draw the image and make it into a plan view, then we coloured them using different colours to show different things on the map. Today, we were showed another image of Orford in Tasmania. We were told to do the same thing today as we did yesterday.
We have taken photo’s of our finished maps.

maps 030

Triumph Over Adversity.

Drug Addict:
The problem with drug addicts is simply their addiction. Most drugs start off with making you feel good and from time to time won’t really do any permanent damage. However, if you take/do drugs often it starts to feel like part of a routine or something that’s essential for you to do to feel normal and then becomes almost impossible for the user to stop. The adversity of this situation is the addiction, and would be an extremely hard thing to overcome. Triumphing over this problem would take time and would require alot of skill for the person with the addiction. Just some of the skills needed would be bravery, determanation and a positive attitude.

Children Going Through Divorce:
A child going through a divorce can be just as stressful for the child as it is for the adults.
The child has the stress of all the fights with the parents, going from house to house, sharing holidays and birthdays and a whole heap more.
If younger children are involved, they might be a bit confused not seeing their parents together and it could be quite upsetting.
For older children who properly understand the situation they might be quite angry and might not cope very well with it. Counseling could be a good way to help triumph over the adversity of a divorse.

Person With Paraplegia:
A person with paraplegia would have inormous adversitys to go through. Losing the use of both legs would be quite tragic for the person, and family members involved.
If you were a sporty person, you might find it harder to deal with, and counseling would be a great option to help you cope with the adversity
Not having the use of your legs would make everything in life extremely hard so having a possitive attitude and setting realistic goals for yourself would help you triumph over the adversity of not being able to use your legs.

Return Solider From War:
A return solider would have to deal with alot of stress after returning from war.
They might have visions or flash backs of what happened on the feild.
Counseling would be a good way to help cope with the traumatising experiences of returning from war.
Some everyday things could trigger flash backs for those who are returning from war.
Staying positive about what’s happened would be the best way to triumph over this adversity.

Nurse In A Hospital:
The adversity of a nurse is that they might have to deal with losing a patient that they’re very close to and that could be very stressfull and upsetting. Triumphing over this would be hard and might take time, so maybe couseling could help.